Relative Dates code written 13 years ago

If you’re a hardcore sennir reader, you might remember me being very proud of my dodgy relative dates code I wrote over a year ago. It turns out that code was broken, and has been ever since I wrote it.

This is where you come in. Well Hopefully.

       * Takes a datetime, and returns a nice string, saying 
       * datetime of the form "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"
       * 2 days ago, 10 minutes ago 1 hour ago, 3 weeks ago, 4 months ago, 6 years ago.
       * If "$to" is provided, then we should return the time "until" or "from"
       * that time. Using the style "1 day later" or "3 hours ago".
function datetimeToRelative($datetime$to=0)
$to === 0)/* Get the current time + DST */
$current_time time();
$current_time strtotime($to);
/* Get the time of the post */
$post_time strtotime($datetime);
/* Get when yesterday was */
$yesterday_time strtotime('12am yesterday');
/* Work out the difference between the two dates; should be positive if in past */
$relative_time     $current_time $post_time;
$abs_relative_time abs($relative_time);

$when              = ($relative_time 'ago' 'later');

        if (
$abs_relative_time 60// Less than a minute 
return $abs_relative_time.' '.($abs_relative_time 'seconds' 'second').' '.$when;

        elseif (
$abs_relative_time 3600// Less than an hour 
return ($minutes floor($abs_relative_time 60)).' '.($minutes 'minutes' 'minute').' '.$when;

        elseif (
$post_time $yesterday_time && $post_time $yesterday_time 86400// Was it yesterday ?
$relative_time 0)
'1 day '.$when;
        elseif (
$abs_relative_time 86400// Less than a day ago 
return ($hours floor($abs_relative_time 3600)).' '.($hours 'hours' 'hour').' '.$when;   

//    echo "abs relative time is:" .$abs_relative_time;
        /* Since we have ruled out hours / mins / secs, now forget about the times etc. */
$post_time         strtotime(substr($datetime010).' 00:00:00');

$relative_time     $current_time $post_time;
$abs_relative_time abs($relative_time);

//    echo "now abs relative time is:" .$abs_relative_time;

if ($abs_relative_time 604800// Less than a week 
return ($days floor($abs_relative_time 86400)).' '.($days 'days' 'day').' '.$when;

        elseif (
$abs_relative_time 2629743// Less than an month
return ($weeks floor($abs_relative_time 604800)).' '.($weeks 'weeks' 'week').' '.$when;

        elseif (
$abs_relative_time 31556926// Less than an year
return ($months floor($abs_relative_time 2629743)).' '.($months 'months' 'month').' '.$when;

            return (
$years floor($abs_relative_time 31556926)).' '.($years 'years' 'year').' '.$when;


There’s the code.. can anybody fix it?

In the meantime, anywhere a relative date is used, it’ll just be the datetime stamp.

There’s cookies on offer!


Looks like there was only a small error in the code, and so, hopefully, it’s fixed. If any other weirdiosities occur, please let me know!

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