BSc Hons written 13 years ago

The University of Manchester

Well today was my graduation, and after sweating for an hour in the Whitworth hall, I’m now officially a graduate!

Robert Innes BSc hons.

Check out the letters after my name!

It’s been a fun day, mostly spent meeting people’s parents and congratulating them. It’s also been rather a weird day for exactly the same reasons!

For those of you with a morbid sense of curiosity, you can watch the webcast. You get extra points if you count each occurance of Robbie. You may also want to skip to around about the 39th minute, for extra happy fun!

Once I’ve collated pictures from various places, I’ll pop a few in the gallery.

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Robert ‘Davies’ Innes — you poor thing. I must say i’m not too keen on the wearing of the tie on top of the hood but i guess its the way they make you wear it. I’m gonna look so awful, i just know it!

originally posted by Paul

Robert ‘Davies’ Innes — you poor thing.

Yes, if the camera was pointing the other way, you’d have seen quite a glare I gave the guy that was reading out the names!

Awwwww @ video, you look so bored hun! But the lass you’re sitting next too ain’t bad! ;) You look wubly! xxxxx

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