End of an Era written 13 years ago

Key in lock

Well, that’s it. I’m all moved out of the flat in Withington, and I’m back home in Prestwich with the ‘rents.

Being back home is just plain weird. It’s hard not having your own space, and also having to tolerate watching Emmerdale and Coronation Street once again. They don’t keep the fridge stocked up with Somerfield Tropical juice either.

Paul and Rob on the fridgeBut most of all I’ll miss living with my good buddy Paul. Who else will cook me lovely food? Or drag me to the pub to be sociable? Who will I rely on to provide me with vital information such as; which t-shirt makes my belly poke out? and how long to cook chicken so it won’t kill me? Cheers for being a good friend Graul.

Anyway, less of the mushyness. I find out my Uni results tomorrow (today), which I’m thoroughly unexcited about. And then it’s graduation a week on Wednesday. Wish me luck I don’t trip on my gown!

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having to tolerate watching Emmerdale and Coronation Street

Who you kidding, you love them!

Anyways, thanks for the sweet thoughts. I’m glad think of me as more a practical necessity than a mate! I’ll miss you too, sunshine xoxox

P.s. I spose i best append something mushy to the end of my moving out post

End of an era, you two are quite a pair! I want to see Rob graduation piccies! I am sure you’ll do fine in your results, don’t be nervous xxxxx

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