Start Menu Organiser written 13 years ago

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I spent some more time tinkering with Windows Scripting, and came up with my own utility to organise the “All Programs” menu into something a little more managable.

I really am enjoying how easy it is to tinker with things, using only some javascript and a little html.

Start Menu, Before and After. Showing three large columns sorted into one small column

I would be grateful if people out there that wanted an organised start menu (who wouldn’t‽), could use the program as the more people that use it, the better it will be.

The program works by identifying installed programs, then using the name of the program to decide which category to move it into. However, there are far more programs out there than I have installed, so when people run the program, obviously certain programs won’t be known about. However, if the person chooses to, the information they supply to organise their programs can be uploaded, and integrated into the master program list, thus making the program mucho betterer!

The program can be downloaded here;

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