The Vista Experience: Confusion written 12 years ago

Windows Vista

Microsoft released Vista Beta 2 earlier this week, so I headed over and proceeded to download the ~3 GB ISO. I was terribly impressed by the massive bandwidth bill Microsoft must be facing — it downloaded at lightning speed, and has apparently become one of the largest download events on the internet.

Installation went well enough, but it was becoming clear that my machine wasn’t entirely happy with the “Vista Experience”. The smoothly shimmering auras that some designer had envisaged, were more of a flickering spark of a bad idea.

Aside from the obvious lack of power coming from the computer, what were my first impressions?

Microsoft Developer #23415

I know … let’s add 5px onto every window, so that we’re sure to show off our fancy glass effects.

This is taking far too long to whinge about, so i’ll just list the other things that I’ve noted:

So in conclusion, I’m not enjoying Beta 2, and before I return to try Vista again, it’d better be on a machine with a lot more grunt. Poor old AMD XP2400+ just can’t handle it.

Although many of the items I’ve mentioned above are clearly bugs, and will probably be ironed out come release date, the crucial issue for me was that I got lost trying to achieve tasks which I could do in my sleep in XP. If I’ve got to learn a whole new way of doing things, why not get a new OS?

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