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The University of Manchester

So I had my last exam yesterday, the exam itself was terrible, and was almost like I needn’t have bothered going to any lectures, as the lecturer seemed to have just made all the questions up on the fly. At least everybody else was equally as bemused by the random ODEs questions.

But anyway, that’s all irrelevant, since the exam is unlikely to be marked anyway. I know I would rather extend the strikes a few more weeks, than mark 130 exam papers bewildered students.

That’s it then, University over and done with; 17 years of education, done! And not a moment too soon. The past 6 months have been pretty horrible as far as university goes, far too much work and just no time to do it. Really hard work too!

I’ve just got a few things to sort out at uni, like returning library books. I promise to try to do it without giggling at all the poor unfortunates that still have exams.

*Runs around making aeroplane noises*

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You best not giggle at me!

Congrats on finishing Rob

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