Links written 13 years ago

Links, of a chain. Geddit?

Links to sites I think are good. Or I think you should find good.

I’ll probably move this to somewhere more logical once I’ve worked it all out. Not quite got there yet though. I guess it’s some form of “info” though…

General Stuff

Curry Mile

Computer Science Timetable Creator

Geeky Stuff




Recently I’ve started reading a select few of these. I don’t know why. Here’s my fave’s.

Questionable Content



Websites of the past, created by me

I almost feel sad dragging these with me everywhere I go, but here goes. Beware the geocities sites!

It’s painstakingly obvious that I had no idea of browsers that weren’t Internet Explorer when I created these. They seem to work nowadays on all browsers. Kinda.


Giz A Quid

Burk the piece of Blu-Tack

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