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There`s info here, to rid you of those question marks!
Rob in his normal habitat

Hi, my name’s Rob and I’m the one that spends his evenings constructing what you see before you! Yes, sennir is the place I use to vent my random musings, and generally talk about stuff that’s on my mind.

Who are you?

I’m a self confessed web-geek, even though as you can see from what’s before you, a not so design-orientated web geek. I spend most of my days developing software, mostly in Java and increasingly doing a lot more with XML. When I’m not glued in front of a computer I try to get out on my bike as often as I can, and ride up hills which are very steep and long.

I also try to take interesting pictures with my camera. Why not take a look at my photos?

About the site

  1. What does sennir mean?

    Number one question I get asked, after carefully spelling it out to people. I usually ask them to guess what it means in reward for a kitkat. I make no exceptions for the internet, and thus if you can guess what it means by yourself, you can have a kitkat.

  2. About the design…

    The design of the site is kinda plain because I got bored of coming up with redesigns that were either too complicated and fiddly, or that I just didn’t like. Having a nice plain site allows me to style each page individually, and thus do crazy things, without breaking a constrictive design. You can see my documented efforts at a redesign.

Cold Rob
Rob can often be found wearing t-shirts in cold weather. In case of meeting Rob, bring a spare jacket just in case.

More about me

You want to know *More you say?*

Well I’m a Graduate in Maths and Computer Science (thus when I ever get some business cards printed I’ll pop the old BSc on there!). Maths is something I enjoy, but alas having not done it since uni I suspect my knowledge is now somewhat limited.


If you want to ask a simple question, make a comment on this page. Then this area can serve as something of a frequently asked questions, only the questions won’t actually be asked frequently as they’ll already be answered! For a more interesting question, or for marriage proposals, I recommend the contact me form.

Do you have a myspace page?


Other sites

As a web geek, you’d expect me to have a huge flock of alternative sites for you to peruse, but alas a day only has 24 hours and I’m rather slow at, um, this. There are of course the web-pages I made with Front Page from many moons ago. I only have one other site I’m proud of, and that’s my photography guide, located at http://photography.sennir.co.uk.

Myspace Rob
Rob, pulling a Myspace pose.

Other things to read

What’s with all the photos?

I dunno, I felt like being a little less anonymous.

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Nina’s GravatarNina 1 day later

Dashing pics! Tis very Myspace only better! I’ve already nicked one of your pics now I might nick the other two, lol!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bow Chicka Bow Wow ;)

Nina’s GravatarNina 1 day later

“Rob can often be found wearing t-shirts in cold weather. In case of meeting Rob, bring a spare jacket just in case. “

Rob were a coat when I last saw him! But yeah that’s quite accurate, you seemed to wear a thin little fleece when you were living in Manchester, why is Rob so Anti-Outerwear? ;)

Tristan’s GravatarTristan 1 month later

What use is a kit kat if you work with Blair?

originally posted by Tristan

What use is a kit kat if you work with Blair?

In this case you’ve got to be very good and not accept any of that man’s chocolate fingers until you’ve worked out what it means!

Matt’s GravatarMatt 1 year later

I know what sennir stands for… do I get a kitkat? ;)

originally posted by Matt

I know what sennir stands for… do I get a kitkat? ;)

Thems the rules .. simply send a Self Addressed Envelope to …

Matt’s GravatarMatt 1 year later

ĦHola amigo! Long time no speak :). Love the Marrakech journal, very well written.. cool idea too.. I barely remember my holidays and usually come back with little more than 20 or 30 pictures lol :)

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