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Argh, quotation marks of doom

This page is here incase you wish to ask any questions, or say a casual hello to Rob.

You can do this by either:

  1. Emailing me by filling out this contact form

  2. Or leaving me a quick note on this page by using the comment form over there →

Either way I’ll get an email notifying me of your musings, so don’t feel you’ve been robbed of an email address — I just don’t want too much spam.

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Rakhwala’s GravatarRakhwala 2 weeks later

Yo Rob its Rak, jus lookin through ya site - class! Wat ya doin these days

Why, when I change the colour to blue, it always goes back to a weird pink??? Is it trying to tell me something??? Nice site Rob, makes mine looks really amateur, lol

originally posted by Nina

Why, when I change the colour to blue, it always goes back to a weird pink…

You need to clear out your cookies. I changed some of the settings round so it works a little differently.

I see you been fiddling with your picture navigator, your new pictures look lovely, especially the lights. Throw out your lego? Never! Hee hee, my mate got some wicked Star Wars lego for Christmas, Jabba the Hut looks so funny! How did you nearly get killed via tin foil antics????

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Rob :D xx

Gobby little Kimmii’s GravatarGobby little Kimmii 1 year later

Hola! Que Tal?

I want to be back in Spain…fancy a trip?

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