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There`s info here, to rid you of those question marks!

A Little bit on what’s going on here.

This place is meant to serve as a small playground so that I can fiddle with making webpages and other doohickeys related to the interweb.

I’ve been gooning around making webpages for a while now, not many of the webpages I have made actually went anywhere, and most likely weren’t viewed outside my circle of friends! First started in Front Page Express, with a lime green background about a crazy dog, moving on to a snappy little design, even with a little bit of flash to try to extort money out of people. There have been many inbetween too, that generally failed to ever make it to the web, or even to geocities.

A semi successful website has been the currymile website. Started by me and my good friend from college, to survey the various restaurants down the curry mile in rusholme. It started well, but unfortunately has been left a little by the wayside in that we’ve not been eating as many curries as we used to!

However, if you do happen to want a semi-detailed plan of the restaurants down the curry mile, if you ask nicely you can see our efforts. It was intended to be a super-interactive way to choose which review you wanted to see, but perhaps a little over-ambitious.

Moving on to quite recent times, my interest in the web, and developing has moved on to knowing words like “xhtml”, “css” and “liquid layout”. Gone are the days of tables, and fixed width pages from the produce of Robert Innes, and in have come floating div’s and and browser incompatibility frustration. Yay.

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Look Mummy, I’m on the box!! Isn’t it amazing how the internet works in the States as well, you would think that they would be behind with things like this. Keep up the good work, rinnes!

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